Exploring the Challenges of Making Data Physical

A CHI2015 Workshop

Workshop Organisers

Jason Alexander is a lecturer at Lancaster University in the UK. His research focusses on developing the next generation of interactions techniques, with a particular interest in physical user interfaces and shape-changing displays.

Yvonne Jansen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen. Her research is guided by her interest in the intersection where computers meet the physical world with a particular interest in beyond-desktop visualizations.

Kasper Hornbæk is a professor in Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He works in usability and user experience research, and on new interfaces (e.g., mid-air interaction, shape-changing interfaces). He has written about various aspects of research methodology and HCI and has previously organized workshops at CHI (e.g., CHI 2008).

Johan Kildal is Principal Researcher at Nokia TECH in Espoo, Finland. He specializes in multimodal interaction methods that facilitate non-visual interactions, focusing both on accessibility and on mobile use contexts. This includes audio-haptic interfaces, interaction with deformable interfaces, and modeling the perceived physicality of material.

Abhijit Karnik is a Lecturer at Lancaster University in the UK. His primary focus is on building novel displays that can support multiple users or act as deformable, mutable and multi-view display systems.